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With the patented HydraFacial treatment from the USA, we offer the newest generation of facial treatment.

Lash Lift

The secret of perfect eyelashes? We know it.

IPL / Laser hair removal

No longer feel like putting up with razor burn? Or the constant shaving? No painful epilation either? We understand. And prefer lasers.

Waxing / Sugaring

At Skinthetics you experience professional hair removal at the highest level in the heart of Düsseldorf Oberkassel.

Classic facial treatments

For dry skin. Against pigment disorders. For skin blemishes. Our classic facials are suitable for both him and her.

Glycolic acid peeling

Stimulates cell renewal. Removes small flakes of skin. All very gently. For a beautiful complexion and fantastic glow.

Green Peel

Green Peel is very suitable for pigment disorders, wrinkles, acne and photodamage to the skin.

Welcome to Skinthetics.

What’s the most important thing for us? Whenever someone says to you: You look fantastic and relaxed. And not: You look “made up”. Natural beauty is the most important thing for me and my team. This is why we make sure that every one of our patients is treated individually and with the greatest care. We find out together which treatments we can help him or her to feel comfortable in their own skin again. And this is our commitment to you: At Skinthetics we can do such a lot for you. And in a completely gentle way.

Dr. Lucija Kröpfl M.D.


Gentle treatments

High-quality active agents

Medical expertise