This is me: Dr. Lucija Grittern, geb. Kröpfl

My way to your radiance

Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to became a doctor. What I did not know is that I would become most passionate about the best and most advanced treatments in aesthetic dermatology, which bring back the radiance to you, my dear clients. In order to achieve this, I continuously attend conferences, work closely with my colleagues especially from the USA and attend workshops worldwide. With success, if I am allowed to say so. After over 18 years of professional training and vocational development, as well as clinical experience, I now belong to the best aesthetic dermatologists worldwide.

I grew up in Germany and England and studied medicine at one of the most renowned universities in the UK: The University of Edinburgh. After medical school I worked for two years in London before starting my dermatology specialization in Germany. I trained at the world renowned Charité in Berlin and in North Rhine-Westphalia and became a board-certified dermatologist. During my training I developed a passion for aesthetic dermatology. In this demanding field one has to ensure to always work in a highly precise and excellent manner. Only then the effect of the treatment is natural looking and long lasting.

Soon it was my aim to open my own aesthetic dermatology clinic in the capital of beauty and fashion. The clinic should always offer the best treatments that were available worldwide in order to achieve a natural and sustainable beauty for my clients.

In order to learn the best methods, I have trained internationally. Especially my work with the most renowned aesthetics specialists in Los Angeles and Brazil enabled me to broaden my horizon and gain a very profound knowledge in aesthetics medicine. During my time in Los Angeles I published several articles about aesthetic medicine with my American colleague, which were highly acknowledged in the American aesthetic literature. I also worked for an international publishing company on a book project and co-wrote a chapter on dermatology, aesthetics and surgery.

Until today I profit from my profound medical and study-based knowledge and I continuously develop my expertise. Meanwhile I myself am a speaker and I give lectures and workshops for my medical colleagues about aesthetic medicine on a nationally and internationally level. In addition, I am a member of a variety of aesthetic expert groups and committees.

In 2018 I have finally realized my dream and opened Skinthetics – my own aesthetic dermatology clinic with adjacent cosmetic institute in Düsseldorf. I made a very concise decision to open both, a clinic and a cosmetic institute, in order to offer my clients medical and dermato-cosmetic treatments. These two areas often go hand in hand to make the skin radiant again. In my Skinthetics Dermatology & Laser Center as well as in the Skinthetics Cosmetic Institute only the top-class treatments on the highest international level are offered.

The aesthetic medical field is continuously developing. It is my aim to offer you, my clients, the combinations of the worldwide best and newest methods in order to achieve beautiful and natural looking results for you. When you look fresh and radiant you feel comfortable within your skin – and this I am passionate about.

Dr. med. Lucija Grittern, geb. Kröpfl

Dr. med. Lucija Kröpfl verh. Grittern

Dr. med. Lucija Grittern, geb. Kröpfl
Specialist in dermatology