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Hair-loss therapy

We believe autologous blood therapy is the best way to treat hair loss. It uses the body’s own blood plasma to stimulate hair-cell growth. Because blood plasma is like an energy drink for your scalp. By taking blood and centrifuging it, we obtain the plasma, which is packed full of platelets, cytokines, growth factors, vitamins, proteins and minerals. The plasma is very delicately injected at multiple sites along the hairline – over just four to six sessions, each two weeks apart. New hair will then grow there, and subsequent hair loss will be very effectively delayed. You’ll notice the difference!


Frequently asked questions about Skinthetics Düsseldorf’s hair-loss therapy

How does autologous blood therapy combat hair loss?

The body’s own plasma is full of platelets, growth factors, cytokines, minerals, vitamins and hormones. Re-administering this plasma back into the skin stimulates cell growth, prompting new blood vessels to form, and optimising nutrient supply. Hair cells on the scalp are encouraged to reform. This is an effective way to treat hair loss.

For whom is this therapy suitable?

The plasma lift can be applied regardless of age or skin type. The therapy is suitable for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. Autologous blood therapy can be used to treat congenital hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), and hair loss resulting from hormonal changes (after giving birth, after menopause) or various illnesses.

What does the treatment entail?

The blood is first taken from a vein in the arm using a fine needle, and collected in vials specially designed for plasma therapy. These vials are centrifuged to separate the red blood platelets (also known as erythrocytes) from the plasma. This creates a visible top layer of golden plasma and bottom layer of red erythrocytes in the vial. The plasma is then taken and injected into the skin using a mesotherapy needle.

How soon will I see initial results?

The first results will be visible after three months.

How many sessions do I need?

We recommend four to six sessions at two to three-week intervals.

Are there side effects?

The treatment is very low-risk. If hair is thin, the puncture points may be visible for about a day.

What does the treatment cost?

Autologous blood therapy for hair loss costs € 400 per session.


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