Cosmelan – the innovative solution for hyperpigmentations

Cosmelan is the worldwide acclaimed depigmentation method for moderate to severe hyperpigmentations. Cosmelan is suitable for all forms of pigmentation disorders and can be used in all skin types. It not only reduces the hyperpigmentation significantly but also regulates the pigment synthesis in our skin to avoid further hyperpigmentations.

It is suitable for all types of pigmentation disorders including melasma, sun damage and age spots. The unique feature of Cosmelan is that it not only removes pigmentations very effectively but also regulates pigment synthesis and so avoids further hyperpigmentations from occurring in the future.

The treatment occurs in 2 phases. The first treatment phase takes place in our clinic. After cleaning the skin and removing excess oiliness of the skin the Cosmelan masque is applied onto your skin. The application time depends on your skin type and the severity of the pigmentation and is usually between 6-12 hours. Then the second treatment phase takes place at home. After the recommended application time the Cosmelan masque should be washed off with plenty of warm water. After 48-72 hours the Cosmelan Home products should be applied as directed onto the skin. It is essential for the outcome to continue the treatment with the Cosmelan Home Pack for 6 months to ensure the best possible result and reduce the risk of any further pigmentation in the future.

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Frequently asked questions about Cosmelan at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

Cosmelan is an intensive depigmentation method that has corrective as well as regulative effects on the pigmentation disorders of the skin. The corrective ability is due to its ability to reduce the overall synthesis of melanin in the skin and to accelerate the skin renewal rate so that melanin deposits can be cleared at a faster rate. As a result, pigmentations of the skin are markedly reduced and the complexion of the skin is even and radiant. In order to avoid further hyperpigmentations in the future the Cosmealn method also has regulatory effects on the production of melanin in our skin. It inhibits the production of more melanin in the melanocytes and impedes the transfer of the melanin to the keratinocytes. As a results less melanin is produced and transferred between the cells of the skin, which reduces the risk of further pigmentations.

The treatment is carried out in 2 phases. The first phase takes place in our clinic where the skin is cleaned and excess oil is removed. The Cosmelan masque is then applied onto the skin and, depending on the skin type and severity of pigmentation, should be applied for 6-12 hors. Then the second phase begins at home. After the recommended application time the masque should be washed off with plenty of warm water. 48-72 hours after removing the masque the home treatment begins with the Cosmelan Home Pack products. These should be applied for the next 6 months to ensure the best possible outcome and to avoid further pigmentations from occurring in the future.

The treatment is not painful. Redness, swelling and a slight burning can occur which subside by themselves.

The first results are visible after only a few weeks.

The number of treatments is dependent on the severity of the hyperpigmentation and the skin type.

You might experience a slight redness, swelling and/or burning sensation. It is also possible to experience a peeling effect of the skin.

We recommend to expect redness and swelling and a slight peeling of the skin in the first few days, after this there is no downtime.

The Cosmelan treatment, including a Cosmelan Home Pack for the first month, costs 949,90€.

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