Mesotherapy is a gentle but at the same time highly effective anti-aging treatment. During a mesotherapy session selected products are directly brought underneath the skin and the bodys´ own cell regeneration system is activated. Hundreds of micro injections are applied onto the skin in order to bring the selected products into the skin and to cause micro lesions which stimulate the cells to renew themselves. The products are individually selected and tailored to your needs so that we can treat the first signs of aging as well as deeper wrinkles, sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentations.

During our treatment we use the unique SkinPen® Precision device – the worldwide leading microneedling system. The SkinPen® Precision is the only FDA-approved microneedling system with a patented needle cartridge that has an integrated movement mechanism to ensure a precise calibration during the procedure. The SkinPen® Precision has a unique precision sharpness and needle depth accuracy in order to achieve only the very best results.


Frequently asked questions about the Mesotherapy at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

During a mesotherapy treatment hundreds of little mesotherapy injections are used to deliver chosen products into the different layers of the skin. The products are chosen according to your wishes and treatment goals so that we can target the first signs of aging as well as deeper wrinkles, sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentations. In addition the mesotherapy injections create micro lesions which lead to a stimulation of the bodys´ own cell renewal system which further increases the anti-aging effect.

Mesotherapy is independent of age, sex or skin type. It benefits all clients who would like to have a younger, even looking skin.

First the skin is cleansed and then a numbing cream is applied for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards the SkinPen® Precision is used to create hundreds of microlesions and the chosen product is applied and brought underneath the skin.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment areas so that the treatment is nearly painless.
The first results are visible on the face, neck and décolleté after about 4 weeks.
We recommend 3-6 treatment every 2 weeks depending on the treatment goal and your skin status.
Redness or swellings can occur, which resolve within a few days.

Blood thinning medication such as aspirin should be avoided one week prior to the treatment. Direct sun exposure and sauna visits should be avoided.

No, there is no down time. A slight redness might be visible for a few days.

The mesotherapy in the face, neck or décolleté costs 260€ per session. The package of 3 sessions costs only 600€.

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