We see you. As a person.

We never just see your face, your hands or your neck. We see you as a whole person. This is why we truly want to get to know you. To know what makes you tick. Then perhaps we can stroll together on life’s pathway for a short while. Grow older together as it were. But in such a way that you always look just as young as you really feel.

We know exactly what we are doing.

Because we harmoniously combine cosmetics and medicine. Because we combine our many years of experience and our specialist knowledge of human anatomy with state-of-the-art technologies and the world’s best active ingredients. Because we are extremely familiar with every product that we use. Because we take our time to provide the perfect treatment. Because your face is like no other, and that is what is truly exciting! And because we’re only satisfied when we’ve won you over.

We ensure a beautiful experience. And a beautiful appearance.

Art on the high walls. A splendid stucco finish. Fresh fruit in the waiting area. Apple TV of course. A wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in our treatment rooms. We are happy to treat you to these luxuries. For we want you to feel comfortable from your very first moment at Skinthetics and quickly forget your worries and troubles. And you will. Because our warm and welcoming team is there for you at all times. With respect and genuine kindness.
We love what we do. That’s why we ensure a beautiful experience. And a beautiful appearance , of course.

“What’s the most thing for us? Whenever someone says to you: You look fantastic and relaxed. And not: You look ‘made up’.”

Dr. med. Lucija Kröpfl verh. Grittern

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