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Skin tightening with radiofrequency plus microneedling

Tightens loose skin, smoothes wrinkles and reduces scars

Over time, the production of collagen fibers begins to slow down and our connective tissue weakens. Creases begin to appear and the skin loosens – especially in the face, on the neck and décolleté. The Genius system is the newest innovation worldwide in the field of laser devices. With the help of microneedles radiofrequency energy is directly applied into the skin. As a consequence the loose collagen fibers contract and new collagen and elastin production is stimulated. Loose skin – for example bags under the eyes or excess skin around the jaw line and on the neck – is tightened, fine wrinkles are smoothened and scars dissappear.

Frequently asked questions about the Genius radio frequency laser at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

What is the Genius?

The Genius is a worldwide renowned radio frequency system that is used for skin tightening and scar treatment.

How does the Genius work?

The Genius combines micro needling with radio frequency. Radio frequency energy passes through micro needles directly into the skin. This leads to tissue coagulation with subsequent production of new collagen and elastin.

Who benefits from a Genius treatment?

The Genius is suitable for all clients who would like to tighten loose and/or excess skin in the face/neck/décolleté´ or on the body. The Genius can also treat scars very effectively.

How is the procedure carried out?

First of all the treatment area is well documented with our 3D camera. The skin is then cleaned, disinfected and an anesthetic creme is applied for 40 minutes. The anesthetic creme is then removed and the skin is cleaned and disinfected again. Depending on the location of the treatment area two or 3 passes are carried out with the Genius. After the treatment an antibiotic cream should be applied twice a day for two days.

Is the treatment painful?

The skin is thoroughly anesthetized with a cream. Some clients do feel a slight stinging pain which is usually well tolerated.

How quickly can I see the results?

The first results are visible after 4 weeks.

How many treatments do I need?

In general 3-4 treatments are carried out every 4 weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Some clients might experience a slight bruising. As we are applying micro needles into the skin there is a slight risk of infection.

Is there down time?

Straight after the treatment the skin is red and swollen. These symptoms usually subside over night. Laser marks can be visible for around 7 days. After two days these laser marks can be covered up with make-up.

What are the costs of treatment?

Depending on the treatment area the costs are 450€ per session.


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