Fat reduction with enCurve body contouring

The enCurve is the newest laser sensation in the area of fat reduction. Due to its specific radiofrequency wave length (27.12 MHz) fat cells dissolve and unwanted flabs disappear. The enCurve has different applicators that allow the treatment of larger areas such as the abdomen or the back in one session. Furthermore, fat deposits around the legs, the knees or the arms can also be treated effectively.





Frequently asked questions about the enCurve body contouring treatment at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

The enCurve is the worldwide first device that removes fat cells through radio frequency energy.

The enCurve has a certain radio frequency wavelength (27.12MHz) that leads to the vibration only of fat cells (so called adipocytes) while the remaining body cells remain unaffected. The vibration of the fat cells results in the generation of heat within the cells with subsequent death of the fat cells.

The enCurve benefits everyone who would like to loose fatty deposits. Fatty flaps around the hips, upper thighs and arms are especially difficult to remove by exercise and diet. The enCurve system can dissolve these fatty deposits. In addition excess fatty deposits around the belly, on the back or over the knees can be effectively removed with the enCurve system.

At first the treatment area is documented with our 3D camera. The enCurve applicator is then placed over the treatment area and the device is started. Depending on the area  the procedure takes 40-60 minutes.

No, the procedure is painless. A few clients experience a warm sensation over the treatment area, which is very well tolerated.

The lymphatic system requires in general 6 weeks to remove the dead fat cells so the first results are visible after 6 weeks.

In general we recommend 4-5 treatments at weekly intervals.

In very rare cases there might be a slight tenderness or redness over the treatment area which resolves within a few days.

We recommend to avoid direct sun exposure straight after the treatment.

No, there is no down time. You can go straight back to your daily life.

The treatment costs 450€ per area per session. A treatment area is, for example, the belly.

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