Thread lift

Scalpel-free facelift? Certainly. With a thread lift, we use gentle procedures to help you achieve a whole new look. We help you to look as young as you feel!

You are in the prime of life, feeling great but the tired and loose-looking skin on your cheeks and neck tells a different story? We can fix that – in a truly non-invasive way. For a thread lift, we use only the highest-quality products, as with all of our procedures. The wafer thin threads made by the renowned manufacturer Sinclair are gently placed underneath the skin. They have minute cones with which they lift and firm up the skin in a natural way. Using this process, the skin’s own collagen is also stimulated, allowing for even greater firmness. The best part: The threads dissolve around two months later; however, the firming effect remains for years afterwards due to the new collagen. The whole treatment lasts a good hour and is carried out with absolutely no need for scalpels.

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Frequently asked questions about thread lifting at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure where we recreate youthful facial contours by tightening loose skin in the face and neck with the help of the PLA (polylactic acid) threads Silhouette Soft®.

The tightening of the excess skin is carried out under local anesthesia and is only slightly uncomfortable. The procedure starts with the insertion of the micro needle into the fatty layer just beneath the skin. The threads that are inserted with the micro needle have integrated cones which anchor the threads into the fatty layer. The thread can then be pulled to tighten excess skin and bring back youthful facial contours. The cones not only mechanically tighten the skin but also trigger a new production of collagen and elastin. After two months the threads dissolve but the tightening effect remains due to the production of new collagen and elastin.

The treatment benefits clients with excess and loose skin around the jaw line, cheeks and the neck.

Blood thinning medication such as aspirin should be avoided one week prior to the treatment.

The procedure is safe, fast and only slightly uncomfortable. Depending on the extent of the thread lift the procedure time varies between 40-60 minutes.

The first results are visible straight after the treatment.

The threads dissolve after 2 months but the integrated cones lead to a new production of collagen and elastin so that the effects of the thread lift last up to 2.5 years. To maintain the results new threads can be inserted.

Similar to most aesthetic procedure bruises (hematomas) and swellings can occur, which resolve within a few days.

No, there is no down time and you can go straight back to your daily life.

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