Treatment of spider veins

Beautiful legs without visible spider veins? It is easier than you might think. Spider veins are very fine red,, violet or blue shimmering veins on the legs. We can treat these unwanted veins through sclerotherapy. During the sclerotherapy procedure we inject a thin liquid into the spider veins. This leads to a collapse of the vein walls and a consequential degradation of the spider veins by the body.

Treatment of spider veins

Frequently asked questions about spider vains removal at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

Spider veins are very finely dilated blood vessels, that are visible underneath the skin surface. From a medical pint of view they are usually harmless but they are often aesthetically unpleasant.

Thare are many different causes of spider veins. The most common cause is a genetic susceptibility and people with an inherited connective tissue weakness commonly suffer from spider veins. Another cause are abnormalities in the deep veins of the legs. If the valves of the deeper veins are not working properly or people suffer from varicose veins, a venous pressure builds up and causes the dilation of the fine, very superficial blood vessels. More rare causes include a lack of excercise, nicotin or alcohol consumption.

We always recommend a medical clarification of possible underlying causes with an ultrascan exam.

During a sclerotherapy procedure a thin liquid (aethoxysclerol) is injected into the dilated blood vessels. This causes the blood vessel walls to glue together, which leads to a degradation of the vessels by the body.

A sclerotherapy procedure is suitable for everybody, who suffers from spider veins.

During a sclerotherapy procedure the skin is first desinfected and then a liquid is injected into the dilated blood vessels via a very thin needle.

After the procedure direct sun exposure, sport, sauna and solarium visits should be avoided.

The first results are usually visible after about 2 weeks.

The number of treatments sessions depends on the extend of the spider veins on the legs.

After the procedure redness, swelling, bruising and wheals can appear, which all usually resolve by themselves.

A sclerotherapy treatment costs from 150€ per session.

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