Mesohair against hair loss

Many men and women suffer from hair loss or weakened hair. The Mesohair procedure is especially suited for thinning hair, hereditary hair loss or stress-related hair loss. It is also effective againts hair loss after pregnancy or during menopause. During the treatment effektive products are directly injected into the scalp with a Mesohair pistole, where they stimulate the blood transfusion of the scalp, improve oxygen delivery of the tissue and activate hair cells. The hair roots are strengthened and the hair loss is reduced or stopped.

Mesohair gegen Haarausfall

Frequently asked questions about Mesohair against hair loss at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

During a Mesohair procedure products are injected as micro depots into the scalp via a Mesohair pistole, where they finally difuse over the entire scalp area. The products stimulate the division as well as the growth of the hair cells and lead to fuller and healthier hair.
Mesohair benefits men and women who suffer from thinning hair, hereditary hair loss or stress related hair loss. It is also suited for hair loss after giving birth or during menopause.
During a Mesohair tretament hair stimulating products are injected into the scalp with a Mesohair pistole.
The procedure is nearly painless and does not require any form of anesthesia.
The first results are visible after 3 months.
The Mesohair procedure works most effectively if it is applied as a set. We recommend at least one session per week over a 6 weeks interval. Any further sessions depend on the individual hair status.
Redness or swellings can occur, which resolve within a few days.
After a procedure the hair should be washed earliest the day after the procedure.
No, there is no down time.
The Mesohair procedure costs 200€ per session.
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