Microneedling is the effective anti-aging method to stimulate our body´s own cell renewal.

During a microneedling treatment multiple micro lesions are created through very fine needles in the skin. This process stimulates our body´s own healing process and leads to cell stimulation and cell renewal. The skin regenerates itself, fine wrinkles disappear, scars are reduced and the skin complexion becomes radiant. Furthermore, microneedling is a long-term anti-aging tool as the intrinsic cell renewal reduces as we age and microneedling works as a stimulating and boosting trigger for the cells.

In order to create a positive stimulatory effect, the type of microneedling pen plays an important role. The SkinPen® Precision is the only FDA- approved microneedling pen whose effect has been proven in multiple studies. The SkinPen® Precision has a unique for and back movement in its needle cartridge. This allows the practitioner to create effective and precise micro lesions in the skin without damaging the surrounding skin.

Frequently asked questions about Microneedling.

During a microneedling treatment multiple micro lesions are created within the skin through very fine needles. This leads to a stimulation of our body´s own cell renewal.

Microneedling is beneficial:

  • As an anti-aging tool to stimulate our body´s own cell renewal
  • To treat fine lines and wrinkles
  • To improve scars
  • Against tired, ashy looking skin

First the skin is cleansed and then a numbing cream is applied for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards a fine needle is used to create hundreds of microlesions. After the procedure a  moisturizing cream is applied to the skin.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment areas so that the treatment is nearly painless.

The first results are visible on the face, neck and décolleté after about 4 weeks.

We recommend 3-6 treatment every 2 weeks depending on the treatment goal and your skin status.

Redness or swellings can occur, which resolve within a few days.

Blood thinning medication such as aspirin should be avoided one week prior to the treatment. Direct sun exposure and sauna visits should be avoided.

No, there is no down time. A slight redness might be visible for a few days.

The microneedling treatment with the SkinPen® Precision in the face, neck or décolleté costs 229 € per session. A package of 3 sessions costs 600€.

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