IPL / Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal with the highly modern IPL laser is the perfect solution for everyone who has had enough of unpleasant epilation – as well as those who are tired of constantly shaving their legs, armpits, bikini area – or for men – their face, chest or back. With the IPL laser, even ingrown hairs are a thing of the past. We can complete the extremely gentle IPL laser treatment in six to eight sessions depending on the area of the body and your proportions. The result? Permanent hair removal. Ingrown hairs are no longer a problem. And the skin in the treated areas becomes silky smooth and wonderfully soft.


Frequently asked questions about IPL treatment at Skinthetics Düsseldorf.

IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) is a treatment method to permanently remove body hairs.

IPL is a technology to remove body hairs permanently through intensed pulsed light. This intensed pulsed light heats up the melanin-containing pigment in our hair resulting in the destruction of the hair root. The hair falls out and the destruction of the hair root prevents any regrowth of hair. In order for the IPL to be efficient it is important that there is sufficient melanin (dark pigment) and that the hair is in the right growth phase.

IPL is suitable for all clients who would like to remove their hair permanently.

The blood is first taken from a vein in the arm using a fine needle, and collected in vials specially designed for plasma therapy. These vials are centrifuged to separate the red blood platelets (also known as erythrocytes) from the plasma. This creates a visible top layer of golden plasma and bottom layer of red erythrocytes in the vial. The plasma is then taken and injected into the skin using a mesotherapy needle.

For an IPL treatment to be successful it is important that all the hair roots are present. Waxing, sugaring, hair ploughing or epilation should be avoided for 3 weeks in the face and for 6 weeks on the body before any IPL treatment. Heavy sun exposures should be avoided at least 10 days before the treatment and swimming and sauna visits 24 hours before and after the treatment.

A thin ultrasound gel is applied to the skin. Then the IPL device is placed onto the ultra sound gel and light impulses are elicited. After the treatment the skin is cooled with cool packs.

The IPL treatment is only slightly uncomfortable. Clients might experience a slight stinging or a warm feeling. Our device has an integrated cooling system so that the skin is also cooled during the treatment to ensure maximum comfort.

The dead hair cells remain in the skin straight after the treatment and then fall out within a few days. Depending on the body region this can take up to 14 days.

The results are permanent.

During an IPL treatment the hair roots are destroyed so that no new hairs can grow back. As a result the hair needs to be treated while it is in the growth phase. In general 20-40% of body hairs are in their growth phase at any given point in time depending on the body region. The treatment needs to be repeated  every 4-6 weeks to ensure that all the hair roots are destroyed. Depending on the body region 6-8 sessions are needed to have permanently smooth, hair free skin.

In general there are no side effects. A slight redness can occur straight after the treatment which resolves within a few hours. In rare cases a hyperpigmentation can occur which resolves.

The treatment area is cooled straight after the procedure. During the next 2 days heavily perfumed soaps or shower gels should not be used. Hot baths and skin peelings should be avoided. During the treatment intervals the hairs should only be shaved.

No, there is no down time and you can go straight back to your daily life.

The costs vary depending on the body area. Please find our price list here.

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