Anti-ageing treatment

The Skinthetics anti-ageing treatment will put a smile back on your face. Don’t let wrinkles, bags under the eyes, saggy skin or scars detract from your reflection in the mirror. Thanks to new methods in cosmetic dermatology, we’re able to get rid of wrinkles, tauten your skin, and give you a more youthful appearance – without using a scalpel. Tell us what’s bothering you. Based on a detailed personal consultation, we’ll recommend anti-ageing treatment methods that suit your needs. Because we’re not just experts in using botox for cosmetic and medical purposes; we combine it with fillers, lasers or a thread lift – so you can love the way you look again, and surprise your friends and family with a more youthful appearance.

Our anti-ageing treatments

Botulinum treatments

Botox treatments allow us to remove small wrinkles around your forehead, eyes and neck. And in a way that means your face doesn’t look frozen. It looks naturally beautiful.

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Filler treatments

Restore the volume above your cheekbones or on your hands to its natural appearance once again.

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Thread lift

Lifting without a scalpel? Certainly. With the thread lift we help you gently to a completely new, young look.

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Plasma Lifting

Firmer facial skin? And a hair loss remedy that really helps? Yes, it really exists.

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Intensive treatment of skin problems

Using the latest laser technology, we introduce the active ingredients into the deeper skin layers. There they have a particularly fast and intensive effect.

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Treatment of skin pigmentations and scars

Spider naevi? Dark age marks? Or an uneven complexion? We’ve all been there.

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Skin tightening with radiofrequency plus microneedling

Tightens loose skin, smoothes wrinkles and reduces scars.

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Do you have dry or ashy looking skin? You would like to have tighter, radiant looking skin? We have the solution for you.

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What our patients say

‘When you’ve been complimented for years, if not your whole life, on your radiant smile, it hurts even more when you’re then told the opposite as you age. I had had enough of being asked why I look so stern. So my birthday gift to myself was to book a consultation with Dr Kröpfl and undergo a three-stage treatment. After the very first stage, I had people asking if I had been on holiday because I looked so fresh and rejuvenated. That was the best possible birthday present.’ ~ Annemarie, 53

Frequently asked questions about Skinthetics Düsseldorf’s anti-ageing treatment

We’ll get to know each other and discuss what exactly is bothering you. During a cosmetic consultation, I will then recommend you the precise treatments that will ease or even totally eliminate these concerns.

Under German drug advertising laws, this consultation is unfortunately considered a medical service, and thus cannot be offered free of charge. But the € 55 fee may be credited towards any subsequent services booked.

Regardless of age, we treat all men and women who are bothered by wrinkles or scars. Looking good is a subjective feeling. People need to feel comfortable in their own skin. And we help with this by applying innovative methods of modern dermatology.

This depends on what is bothering you and which anti-ageing treatment methods are most suitable for this. We generally start with photo documentation, and then rediscuss what exactly will be done. The subsequent treatment will take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the method chosen or the combination of different methods.

Our patients are often complimented on their fresher appearance the very day after their first anti-ageing treatment. But it is generally seven to fourteen days before the full results of the first treatment become visible.

How long the effects of anti-ageing treatments last is different for every person, and also depends on the method chosen. Botox, for example, lasts for approx. four to six months, while thread lifts can last for up to two and a half years. Your wellbeing is our focus when it comes to thinking about follow-up treatments. We always find the best solution – cosmetically and medically.

Some anti-ageing treatments can cause haematomas (bruising) or swelling. But these disappear on their own after a few days, and can easily be concealed with good cosmetics until then. In other words, you can resume your daily life straight after treatment.

Anti-ageing treatment costs depend on what is bothering you. We offer a variety of suitable methods to ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin. But after the no-obligation cosmetic consultation, you’ll receive a detailed quote, and we’ll explain the recommended methods to you.

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