Even skin texture

Having a nice, even skin texture with small pores, rosy cheeks and radiant skin is many women’s and men’s dream. With carefully co-ordinated treatments, we can make this dream come true. Dry or sallow-looking skin is made more supple and elastic. Pigmentation problems, age spots, red veins and scars disappear. Saggy skin is tautened, and bags under the eyes become a thing of the past. And it’s all done without a scalpel. We instead use innovative treatment methods considered to be among the best in cosmetic dermatology. In the end, you’ll be receiving compliments on your youthful appearance, and your friends will be asking you for the secret to your even skin texture.

Our treatments for even skin texture

Treatment of skin pigmentations and scars

Spider naevi? Dark age marks? Or an uneven complexion? We’ve all been there.

Intensive treatment of skin problems

Using the latest laser technology, we introduce the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. There they have a particularly fast and intensive effect.

Skin tightening with radiofrequency plus microneedling

Tightens loose skin, smoothes wrinkles and reduces scars.


Do you have dry or ashy looking skin? You would like to have tighter, radiant looking skin? We have the solution for you.

Frequently asked questions about Skinthetics Düsseldorf’s treatments for even skin texture

We’ll get to know each other and discuss what exactly is bothering you. Whether it’s wrinkles, pigmentation problems, redness, large pores, acne, scars or age spots – with the right treatment, we can address or even totally get rid of these problems, and give you an even skin texture. Depending on your skin problems, we can combine various treatments to achieve the best outcome.

Our clients often suffer from various skin problems that end up causing an unhealthy complexion. Large pores, inflammation, redness etc. frequently go hand in hand. Combining various treatments is generally gentler and also more effective for the skin.

The aforementioned treatments are suitable for any men and women wanting an even skin texture. Because this makes them look fresher and adds radiance to their face. At Skinthetics, we only use the world’s latest and most effective treatment methods to get your skin texture looking even again.

It is generally seven to fourteen days before the results of the first treatment become fully visible.

Depending on the treatments chosen, there may be some haematomas (bruising), swelling and/or redness. But these disappear on their own after a few days, and can easily be concealed with good cosmetics until then. In other words, you can resume your daily life straight after treatment.

The costs depend on what is bothering you. We offer a variety of suitable methods to ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin. But after the no-obligation cosmetic consultation, you’ll receive a detailed quote, and we’ll explain the recommended methods to you.

What our patients say

‘Many acquaintances complimented me on my healthy appearance. I only told my best friend I had been to Skinthetics. She confirmed to me that I looked a good ten years younger.’ ~ Annemarie, 53

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