Hair Therapies

Full, healthy hair is a sign of beauty for both men and women. But many people suffer from hair loss or weakened hair – but did you know that we have treatments that are effective against hair loss and strengthen your hair? In many cases the cause of hair loss or thin hair is genetic and starts relatively early. For women hormonal changes such as giving birth or the menopause also play a significant role. At our clinic we combine different treatment methods to optimise the supply of nutrients to the scalp and to stimulate your hair cells so that we can target the problem at its root.

Mesohair against hair loss

Our therapies against hair loss

Mesohair against hair loss

Mesohair against hair loss

Do you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair? Thick hair lets us look younger and more well-groomed, macking us more attractive and self-confident. The mesohair therapy stimulates hair growth – so that you feel radiant.

Hair-loss therapy

Plasma Hair-loss therapy

A hair-loss treatment that actually helps? Yes, it does exist. And because we use the body’s own substances for this, it really does work well.

Frequently asked questions about therapies against hair-loss at Skinthetics Düsseldorf

We will get to know each other and discuss the possible causes of your hair loss or hair thinning and which treatment options would suit you best.

Under German drug advertising laws, this consultation is unfortunately considered a medical service, and thus cannot be offered free of charge. But the € 55 fee may be credited towards any subsequent services booked.
Regardless of age, we treat all men and women who are concerned about hair loss or hair thinning. It is important that hair cells are still present – if there are no more hair cells present in the scalp or the active hair loss has ceased a long time ago, it is not possible to stimulate the hair cells anymore.
This depends on what your concern is and which treatment methods are the most suitable for you. We generally start with a photo documentation and then rediscuss what exactly will be done. The subsequent treatment will take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the method chosen or the combination of different methods.
It usually takes 3 months until you can see the first results.
How long the effects of anti-ageing treatments last is different for every person and also depends on the method chosen. Generally, the treatment has to be repeated after several months.
Redness and swelling may appear, which subside within a few days.
The costs depend on the methods chosen and start from 200€ per session.
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